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AMaMP is an free software, open source package for those who wish to work with audio data using a computer. AMaMP consists of a cross platform core which takes commands in a kind of meta-language. Of course, not everyone wants to mix audio by writing a script; that's where GUI front ends come in.

Screenshots of AMaMP 0.1. This is the Win32 front end written in VB; mixdowns of the audio arrangements (top left screenshot) are done using the cross-platform AMaMP core.

With any luck (and a large investment of time), one day we'll have a powerful core and front ends for a whole range of platforms. As it stands, we have:-

  • A core written in C that runs on many platforms, providing support for mixing PCM wave files, a plug-in effects system and a wide range of other features. It's far from finished, but it's certainly usable.
  • A usable Win32 GUI front end, though it needs a lot of work.
  • The beginnings of a GTK front end.

The core is currently at release 0.3.2. The Win32 front end is currently at release 0.1. The GTK front end has not been released at this time.