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Welcome to the documentation section for the AMaMP project.

Using The AMaMP Core
The following documents provide resources for users of the core, including developers who want to write front ends to target it. The features in these documents will, in general, be implemented as of the last release and ready to use.

  • Core Overview - An overview of what the AMaMP core aims to do and some simple examples of using it.
  • Input File Specification - Describes the syntax that can be used in input files that are fed to the AMaMP core.
  • IPC Specification - Provides an overview of the method through which programs can communicate with AMaMP "while it works".
  • IPC Message Specification - Details specific messages that may be exchanged with the AMaMP core.

The AMaMP Input/Output system is modular and based around a set of IO files that are built into the core or turned into loadable modules at build time.

  • io2c Documentation - io2c is the AMaMP input/output module build tool, being developed for release 0.4. It is included in release 0.3.1 and above.

AMaMP Effects
The AMaMP core supports effects modules in a plug-in style system. This sections documents it.

  • Effect Module Documentation - If you simply want to use effects modules, this section is for you. This is where individual effects and the parameters they take are documented.
  • Effects: Under The Hood - If you want to know how the effects system actually works beneath the hood, e.g. because you want to implement an effect yourself, this section is for you.
  • fx2c Documentation - fx2c is the AMaMP effects build tool. This document describes how to use fx2c to write effects for the AMaMP core.

AMaMP Core Working Documents
The following documents detail the latest working specifications for core development. It won't all be implemented, and how soon implementation is planned may or may not be available on the Core page. Of course, if you really want something implemented soon and have the skill to do so, see this page.

Inside The Core: Resources For AMaMP Core Hackers
If you're interested in hacking at the AMaMP core, this section details what you need to get started. Note that some of these documents details what is there already and some are plans for what may (or will) be done.