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Details on how to download AMaMP can be found below. Downloads and CVS are hosted by Source Forge.

If you want the latest source, CVS is the way to go. You can check out the core and front ends by using the following commands:-

cvs checkout core
cvs checkout frontends

Download Files
If CVS isn't your thing, or you can't do the checkout (the SF CVS servers can deny anonymous access from time to time), check out the file releases page at Source Forge. Only major releases are put there, and they are available in both source and binary form (binaries only for Win32 for now).

To compile the core, you'll need a C compiler, Perl (to run the Configure script) and a little bit of extra knowledge if you're running something other than Windows compiling with VC++, cygwin or Linux.

To get started you need to compile the core. Go to a command prompt/shell, change to the directory containing the core and type:-


It will hopefully display your compiler - if you've got gcc it'll use it as the linker too - followed by your linker. If you're not so lucky, you may have to supply these at the moment. It will then ask you if you want a build that emits debug messages. Unless you know what they are, you probably won't want them. It should then generate a config.h file and a Makefile. You can now type one of the following (last one for Windows with VC++ compiler, first for pretty much anywhere else):-


If you want to compile and/or use the front ends, you need the compiler or interpreter for the languages the front end is written in. In the case of the VB one, you need VB.