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This page is dedicated to those who develop AMaMP. If you are interested in helping with development, please read this page..

Jonathan Worthington
The guy who started the AMaMP project off, Jonathan is currently an undergraduate Computer Scientist at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, England. He also is responsible for the Digital Audio Programming site, the company JWCS.NET Ltd, and Parrot On Win32, a binary distribution of the new Perl6 runtime engine for the Windows platform. A passionate Perl hacker and Christian, he has a site with details of his latest hacks and other stuff located at Jonathan wrote and develops the original Win32 VB GUI app and started development of the core.

KDivad Leachim
The VB expert in the project, KDL wrote the advanced VB language binding. He also contributed to improving the performance of the VB front end, especially in the areas where the heavy data processing had not yet been deferred to the core, and is hopefully going to stick around and take the VB front end forward!

Bob Firth
Bob studies Theology part time at Ridley College (a Bible College in Melbourne, Australia). He is currently working on a GTK front end to target the AMaMP core, as well as providing helpful input to core development discussions.